McDonald’s Promo Codes for Malaysia in 2024

McDonald's promo code

Purchase a Chocolate Marble Cake for RM8 without using a McDonald’s discount code.

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  • Indulge in a decadent Chocolate Marble Cake from the McDelivery menu
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth with a delicious treat for only RM8
  • Enjoy a rich and moist cake with swirls of chocolate and vanilla flavors
  • Experience a delightful dessert without the need for a McD discount code
  • For an even better deal, use a McDelivery promo code to save on your order

    For RM12, you can enjoy a breakfast of two pancakes.

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  • Start your day with a delicious breakfast featuring two fluffy pancakes from the Breakfast Delights menu
  • Indulge in the perfect combination of sweet and savory flavors with RM12
  • Enjoy a satisfying meal that will keep you energized throughout the morning
  • Order now and use a McDelivery promo code to get a special discount on your meal

    Red Velvet cake is priced at RM13 or higher.

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  • Indulge in the decadent sweetness of a slice of Heavenly Red Velvet Cake from McDelights
  • Savor the rich cream cheese frosting and moist red velvet layers for a delightful treat
  • Perfect for any occasion, whether it's a birthday celebration or a simple dessert craving
  • Experience a burst of flavors with every bite, priced affordably starting from RM13
  • Order now through McDelivery and use a promo code to enjoy special discounts

    Indulge in the Butter Cake for tea at just RM8.

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  • Indulge in a delightful afternoon treat with a slice of Butter Cake from McDonald's
  • Perfect for a cozy tea time at home or in the office
  • Enjoy the rich and buttery flavor of the Butter Cake, a classic favorite
  • From as low as RM8, satisfy your sweet cravings with this delectable dessert
  • Order now through McDelivery and use a promo code to get a special discount

    Kickstart your morning with a hearty Big Breakfast starting at RM13.

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  • Indulge in a hearty Big Breakfast from McDonald's starting at only RM13
  • Enjoy a delicious spread of scrambled eggs, sausages, hash browns, and more
  • Start your day right with a fulfilling meal that will keep you energized
  • Order now and have it delivered to your doorstep with McDelivery
  • Don't forget to use a McDelivery promo code for added savings

    For an additional RM5, enjoy a Chocolate Sundae with your meal.

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  • Indulge in a decadent Chocolate Sundae as a sweet treat with your meal at McDonald's
  • Enjoy the creamy and rich flavors of the Chocolate Sundae to satisfy your dessert cravings
  • Enhance your dining experience with the delightful addition of a Chocolate Sundae from McDonald's
  • Complete your meal with a delightful Chocolate Sundae, a perfect way to end your visit to McDonald's
  • Use a McD promo code to avail special discounts on your order, including the delectable Chocolate Sundae
  • 15% OFF

    Enjoy a 15% discount on Grabfood self-pickup orders using a unique McDonald’s coupon code.

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  • Enjoy a 15% discount on Grabfood self-pickup orders using a special McDonald's coupon code.
  • Indulge in your favorite fast food items from McDonald's at a discounted price.
  • Use a McD promo code to avail the exclusive offer on your next Grabfood order.
  • Satisfy your cravings for burgers, fries, and more with this limited-time deal.
  • Save money while enjoying a delicious meal from McDonald's through Grabfood.
  • Try these McDonald’s coupons

    RM15 OFF

    Get RM15 off Grabfood orders with this McDelivery coupon code.

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    RM18 OFF

    Use this McDonald’s promo code to enjoy RM18 OFF as a new foodpanda customer.

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  • Enjoy a delicious meal from McDonald's with a special offer for new customers on foodpanda.
  • Indulge in your favorite burgers, fries, and desserts while saving RM18 on your order.
  • Use a McDelivery promo code to avail this exclusive discount and satisfy your cravings.
  • Treat yourself to a convenient and tasty experience with this limited-time promotion.

    Get the newest gadgets with Happy Meals for RM10.85.

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    RM5.99 COMBO

    For RM5.99, mix and match your McDonald’s meal.

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    RM25 ONLY

    Ayam Goreng McD 5 pieces for RM25 without McDonald’s discount code would satisfy your desires.

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    RM27.25 ONWARDS

    CNY Prosperity Lou-Lou Box from RM27.25 | McDelivery discount code

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    RM10.95 ONLY

    Kickstart your morning with the RM10.95 Breakfast Wrap Deal using the McD coupon code.

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  • Enjoy a delicious breakfast wrap from McDonald's to kickstart your day
  • Indulge in a satisfying meal for only RM10.95 with the Breakfast Wrap Deal
  • Start your morning with a flavorful combination of eggs, cheese, and your choice of protein
  • Use a McDonald's promo code to avail of this fantastic offer

    The pineapple topping on the Prosperity Burger is priced at RM15.

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  • Indulge in the tropical flavors of the Pineapple Delight from the Prosperity Burger collection
  • Savor the juicy sweetness of fresh pineapple paired with savory beef patty and special sauce
  • Experience a burst of flavors with every bite of this unique burger creation
  • Enjoy this limited-time offering for only RM15
  • Order now and use a McDelivery coupon code for additional savings
  • RM12.95 ONWARDS

    Lunch deals starting from RM12.95 are available for those returning to work.

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  • Enjoy delicious lunch deals starting at RM12.95 with our Back-To-Work specials
  • Choose from a variety of options such as Sandwich Combos, Salad Platters, and Pasta Meals
  • Indulge in a satisfying meal without breaking the bank
  • Use a McDelivery coupon code to avail additional discounts on your order
  • RM9.95 ONWARDS

    Introducing the freshly launched Lemon Pepper Fish Burger priced at RM9.95.

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    Introducing a zesty addition to the menu

  • the Lemon Pepper Fish Burger, now available starting from RM9.95. This new offering combines the freshness of lemon with the bold flavor of pepper for a unique taste experience. Enjoy the perfect blend of tangy and savory flavors in every bite. Order now through McDelivery and use a promo code to avail special discounts on your purchase.
  • RM13.54 ONWARDS

    Indulge in the Spicy Chicken Wrap priced at RM13.54 for a flavorful lunch option.

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  • Indulge in a flavorful lunch with the Spicy Chicken Wrap, available starting from RM13.54.
  • Elevate your mealtime experience with a delicious option from the McDelivery menu.
  • Treat yourself to a satisfying wrap filled with spicy chicken and fresh ingredients.
  • Order now and enjoy a discount by using a McDelivery promo code.
  • RM5 OFF

    Grabfood offers RM5 discount with UOB Cards on Friday McDelivery.

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    40% OFF

    McDelivery coupon codes provide 40% off foodpanda orders all month.

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    50% OFF

    Get 50% OFF on your foodpanda order using the McDelivery promo code.

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  • Indulge in a delicious feast from McDonald's by ordering through McDelivery.
  • Enjoy a mouth-watering selection of burgers, fries, and desserts from the comfort of your home.
  • Use a McDelivery promo code to avail an exclusive 50% discount on your order.
  • Treat yourself to a satisfying meal while saving big on your favorite McDonald's treats.

    Get a complimentary Sundae Cone by downloading the McDonald’s app.

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  • Indulge in a complimentary Sundae Cone by simply downloading the McDonald's app
  • Explore exclusive deals and discounts on a variety of McDelivery orders
  • Unlock a world of delicious treats and savings with the McDonald's app
  • Don't forget to use a McDelivery promo code to enjoy even more savings on your next order

    For RM10, enjoy Omelette Wraps and Hash Browns for breakfast.

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  • Start your day with a satisfying breakfast from McDelivery
  • Indulge in delicious Omelette Wraps with Hash Browns
  • Enjoy a fulfilling meal for only RM10
  • Use a McDelivery promo code to avail this offer

    Indulge in the Banana Caramel Pie for only RM3 as a delightful dessert option with your meal.

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  • Indulge in the delectable Banana Caramel Pie from the Dessert Delights menu
  • Pair this sweet treat with your dinner for only RM3
  • Experience the perfect blend of creamy banana filling and rich caramel sauce
  • Don't miss out on this limited-time offer to satisfy your dessert cravings
  • Use a special McD promo code to avail this irresistible deal
  • 50% OFF

    No coupon code required for 50% off McCafe drinks with McDelivery.

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  • Enjoy a refreshing break with 50% off McCafe drinks at McDonald's
  • Indulge in a variety of delicious McCafe beverages at half the price
  • Quench your thirst with discounted McCafe drinks using a special McDonald's offer
  • Relax and sip on your favorite McCafe drink with a fantastic discount
  • Use a McD promo code to avail the 50% discount on McCafe drinks
  • RM12.95 ONLY

    For RM12.95, enjoy a meal with a burger, chips, and a drink for lunch.

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  • Indulge in a satisfying meal deal at Burger Haven, featuring a juicy Big Bite Burger, crispy Crunchy Chips, and a refreshing Thirst Quencher Drink for only RM12.95.
  • Experience the ultimate burger bliss with our signature Big Bite Burger, made with premium beef patty, fresh lettuce, and special sauce.
  • Savor the perfect crunch with our golden and crispy Crunchy Chips, seasoned to perfection for a delightful snacking experience.
  • Quench your thirst with our selection of Thirst Quencher Drinks, available in various flavors to complement your meal.
  • Don't miss out on this limited-time offer at Burger Haven and use a McDonald's promo code to enjoy additional discounts on your order.
  • RM14.34 OFF

    The Prosperity Burger is back for RM14.34, no McD coupon needed.

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  • The highly anticipated return of the Prosperity Burger is finally here at McDonald's!
  • Indulge in the iconic Prosperity Burger for only RM14.34, a true taste of prosperity.
  • Experience the rich flavors of the Prosperity Burger, complete with succulent beef patty and special sauce.
  • Don't miss out on this limited-time offer to enjoy the Prosperity Burger at a special price.
  • For even greater savings, make sure to use a McDonald's promo code when ordering your Prosperity Burger!

    The latest Lotus Biscoff Ice Blended drink is priced at RM15 without a McDelivery discount code.

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  • Introducing the latest addition to McDonald's menu - the refreshing Ice Blended Lotus Biscoff drink
  • Indulge in the unique blend of creamy ice and the irresistible flavor of Lotus Biscoff cookies
  • Experience a burst of sweetness with every sip of this delectable beverage
  • Satisfy your cravings for only RM15, a perfect treat for any time of the day
  • For an even better deal, use a McDonald's promo code to enjoy additional savings on your order
  • Try coupons from these similar stores

    All about McDonald’s Malaysia

    Nowadays, food is not just considered an essential entity for life. Instead, food is considered as an emotion. Food is treated as joy and is praised as a pleasure. Eating food has turned into an enjoyment rather than a commitment to life.
    In this ongoing revolutionary change, people prefer to eat healthy food accompanied by taste. Especially, foodies engage themselves in search of tasty and quality food outlets. McDonald’s is one such food brand that has established its outlets worldwide.

    Devoted in following the Halal Concept

    People in Malaysia highly consider eating Halal foods. Understanding the customer’s mentality, McDonalds Malaysia gives priority to Halal. It is the first Malaysian fast food restaurant to get recognized by the Islamic Department of Malaysia. This recognition ensures that they follow the Halal standards set by JAKIM. 

    McDonald’s allows the consumer to download the certificate of authentication for coffee, chicken, and bun. Thus making the customers carefree.

    What’s on the menu?

    McDonald’s menu includes a variety of dishes under different categories such as:

    • All-time favourites: All-time favourites include the most popular dishes. The most common dishes in all-time favourites are different types of burgers like a chicken burger with cheese, beef burger, etc. Nuggets also fall under this category.
    • Breakfast: Breakfast includes different types of muffins like a crispy chicken muffin. Following these sandwiches such as scrambled egg sandwich, scrambled egg with a sausage sandwich, etc. are included in this category. Hotcakes are in addition to this category.
    • Happy meals: Happy meal includes combo offers of different dishes such as 4 pcs of nuggets, 2 pcs of hotcakes, etc. with a gift for the customer. 
    • Desserts and sides: Desserts and sides include dishes like french-fries, corn cups, ice cream, etc. 
    • Drinks: Drinks include fruit juices, coffee, tea, hot served milo, carbonated soft drinks, drinking water, etc.
    • McCafe: McCafe includes different varieties of Coffee such as Americano Espresso, cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, Hazelnut latte, etc. In addition to these cakes such as Belgium Chocolate cake, cheesecake, etc. fall under this category.

    How to save money while ordering McDonald’s?

    If you are a McDonald’s lover then this information is useful for you. Here are a few tips on how to save money while ordering from McDonald’s:

    1. Sign up as a member, you will get a coupon code that can be applied while making payment.
    2. Place your delivery order from the McDonalds app to make use of the exclusive offers.
    3. The first purchase on McDelivery provides an offer of RM1 for burgers.
    4. Look for day-specific offers before placing the order as they have promotions for certain days in a week
    5. While making the payment, search for your card-specific McDonald’s coupons to get an extra discount
    6. Look for the promo codes on this page, and use one of our McDonald’s voucher code to save money and to get free delivery

    How to save money on online orders?

    Visit the McDonald’s website and there you can find different food categories under which you will find various dishes. Here is how you can order food:

    • Select the dishes and enter the quantity
    • Finalize the order and move to the checkout page
    • To save money, apply a McDonald’s coupon code and get up to 45% off on your food order
    • Pay the rest of the amount
    • And yay! Order is placed

    It’s always preferable to order online, as you can use a McDonald’s voucher to get the discount.

    Plan Birthday Parties with McDonald’s to save money

    McDonald’s provides the customer with an exclusive privilege of planning birthday parties for their loved ones. You can join hands with McDonald’s and make fun-filled arrangements for the birthday kid and also save money by using a McDonald’s voucher while booking.

    There are two different packages namely package A and package B. Package A costs RM200 minimum for 1.5 hours whereas package B costs RM500 minimum for 3 hours.

    Package includes multiple facilities like:

    • Rooms with decoration for party
    • Staff to assist you throughout the party
    • 3 complimentary party games
    • Balloon sculpting
    • Party invitation cards
    • Free meal for the birthday boy or girl
    • Free party accessories
    • Free birthday gifts
    • Mascot appearance if available.

    You can also get 10 FREE Happy Meal Toys on booking the party packages with a McDonald’s promotion code. You can also request for party add ons on discounted price like Secret Recipe Cake, Party Packs for RM9 each and free party accessories.

    What’s on the Delivery menu?

    The delivery menu of McDonald’s is quite extensive and they deliver a variety of dishes without any exceptions.

    As the delivery menu consists of All-time favourites, breakfast, happy meals, desserts and sides, drinks, and McCafe, there are certain timing to book certain foods. Breakfast can be ordered and delivered only before 10.45 am except for weekends and on public holidays until 11.45 am.

    Orders for lunch or supper or dinner will be accepted until 3.45 pm. They offer the delivery service 24×7.

    To order food online and get home delivery, there must be a minimum order of RM18.00. Each home delivery applies an RM4.25 delivery fee which is including tax.

    You can also save up to 45% on ordering Bundle Meals. You can now also deliver it from the mobile app to get some extra discounts. Don’t forget to use a McDonald’s promo code while placing the order.

    How to place an early order?

    Early order is nothing but placing the order well in advance so that you don’t need to haul at the last moment.

    You can place an early order for the same day. Make sure the delivery time you choose is within the operating hours of the restaurant. You must place an early order at least 2 hours before your delivery time.

    If you want delivery on a different day, you can still place an advance order for up to 2 days in advance. After placing the order, make sure you confirm the order in your mailbox. You will receive an email from them for order confirmation.
    You can also use a McDelivery promo code while placing the advance orders to get some discount. You can save up to 45% off on ordering the Bundle Deals.

    McDelivery coupons for free delivery

    The minimum order value of McDelivery is RM18 exclusive of delivery charges and tax. They also offer free delivery coupons from time to time. You can use one of these McDonald’s coupon to save on shipping fee.

    For orders above RM120, delivery time is expected to take 2 hours. It is better to order in advance if you are placing any bulk orders.

    McDelivery app promotions and discounts

    McDonald’s have launched their app for the customers to place orders inconvenience. In addition to the convenience that the app provides, it also provides exclusive offers.
    If you order a particular dish in the app, always look for a McDonald’s promo code to save on your order. They also send offers on the mobile app, all you have to do is to redeem the offer and place your order. It’s just that simple.

    So it’s always highly preferable to make orders via the app.

    How to get customized orders?

    The order customization is not highly facilitated in web orders. You can just change the items on a menu in web orders. To make special requests like without sauce, additional vegetables, etc. it is advisable to call their McDelivery number 1300-13-1300.
    But no discounts or coupon codes can be applied when the order is placed via phone call.

    Payment Methods

    The payment options provided by McDelivery are credit cards and debit cards. You can register with cards like Visa, Master Card, Amex, and Discover. You can look for your card-specific promotions while placing the order and apply the discount code on the checkout page to get the discount.