Grab Promo Codes for Malaysia in May 2021

Grab Promo code
Grab promo code
30 Minutes

Get your groceries delivered to your home within just 30 minutes with GrabMart.

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Order everything your kitchen needs from grocery items from GrabMart and get it delivered to your house within 30 minutes from supermarkets like Jaya Grocer, HeroMarket.

Try these Grab codes


Make your purchases from the PayDay Sale and enjoy up to 30% off + RM10 off by using the Grab promo code.

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Get your items delivered or send a parcel through Grabmart and enjoy a discount of up to RM10 off by using the Grab promo code. Claim now from myNews, Marks & Spencer, or from Caring Pharmacy.

30% OFF

Steal a discount of up to 30% off on Starbucks when you make payment with GrabPay.

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Simply spend a minimum amount of RM20 on your Starbucks orders and make payment with GrabPay in order to enjoy up to 30% off. Don't miss out.

8% OFF

Make your drinks purchases from the Black Whale and get an instant 8% off.

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Enjoy an instant discount of up to 8% off on your purchases made from The Black Whale by using the Grab promotion code. Do note that a minimum spending amount of RM20 is required in order to enjoy the deal. Valid for first purchase only.

20% OFF

Score an extra discount of up to 20% off with GrabMart by using the Grab code.

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Shop away everything ranging from heart-melting jewellery to to other accessories at a discount of up to 20% off by using the Grab code. Do note that a minimum spending amount of RM40 is required in order to claim the deal.

Instant Delivery

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with GrabExpress with the best of deals.

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It's time to buy a beautiful gift for your partner for Valentine's Day and get it delivered with GrabExpress instantly. Make your purchases today with the Grab promotion code.

30% OFF

Browse through the GrabFood CNY Feast and enjoy up to 30% off on top of up to 30% off with the Grab promo code.

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Grab away everything you need from the GrabFood CNY Feast at a discount of up to 30% off by using the Grab promotion code on a minimum spending amount of RM25. Do note that the maximum discount is capped at RM8.

Virtual Angpow

Make your purchases for the Virtual Angpow and celebrate CNY with love!

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You can now choose from 5 fun designs to gift virtual angpows to your loved ones to celebrate the beauty of Chinese New Year. Don't forget to use the Grab discount code.

30% OFF

Shop at Zalora and get the Grab voucher worth 30% off and make payment with GrabPay.

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Use the Grab promo code on the Zalora App on a minimum spending amount of RM150 to enjoy a discount of up to 30% off. Don't forget to make payment with GrabPay. Maximum discount is capped at RM50.

25% OFF

Save up to 25% with the GrabRewards Points.

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This is your chance to style yourself with minimum spendings by using the GrabRewards. Shop from brands like MAC, JD Sports, Uniqlo, Sephora, Zalora and more! Shop now.

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About Grab – The ride-hailing service

Every day new technologies and ideas are put into practice. How many ever innovations and inventions are made, still people have the urge of advancement. Advancement is always concentrated on satisfying the people that are customers. What if the customers get all the requirements and services in one place? Won’t they be awestruck?

Grab has succeeded in meeting the most necessary services and requirements of its customers. It is an online platform where you can make reservations for transport services, delivery services, and make cashless payments, etc.

Starting its journey as a very small company, today Grab has reached a pinnacle of advancements just by providing the most comfortable and easily accessible services to its customers. Beginning at just a small storage space, now it has turned out to be a great online platform for its customers. Isn’t it amazing?

Services offered by Grab

Grab provides multiple services to its users. The services as follows:

  • Transport: Pick you up and drop at your destination at an affordable cost.
  • Payment service: Make cashless payments wherever you go.
  • Delivery service: Deliver your documents and packages to your required destination.
  • Tickets: Book your favorite movie tickets
  • Videos: Watch your favorite movies and TV shows with Grab.
  • Hotels: Make hotel room reservations with Grab.
  • Insurance: Take insurance coverage of your choice with Grab.
  • Gifts: Send gifts to your loved ones with Grab.
  • Rewards: Make transactions with Grab and earn rewards.

Save with Grab promo codes on transport

It has always been a hectic task to find a convenient transport service at an affordable price. Commuting from one place to another during peak hours and urgent situations always gives tension. Have you ever wanted a tension free ride? Then book your hassle-free ride with a Grab code to make it cheaper and convenient.

What are the different transport services offered by Grab?

  • GrabTaxi: Grab provides the most comfortable taxi service at your doorstep. Book a cab of your choice and enjoy the ride at a reasonable price using a Grab coupon. You can book a standard taxi if you are cautious about the cost or you can book a limo taxi if you prefer comfort and quality. Electric taxis are also available if you want to experience innovation.
  • GrabCar: Grab offers its customers with the most convenient car service. Under this option, you will have the normal, premium, 6-seater economy, and 6-seater premium cars. Book cars based on your requirements and enjoy the travel.
  • JustGrab: If you are in a hurry, you can book your nearest taxi or car based on the availability at a fixed fare. This helps you save time and is also cost-savvy if you use a Grab promotion code.
  • GrabShare: Want to be cost-efficient? Then share your transport service with others and save money with GrabShare. Grab discount codes are also applicable on share rides offering you, even more, cheaper and budget-friendly rides.
  • GrabHitch: Instead of sharing just have your ride with a driver heading the same way after a pickup or drop. This also saves you money and time.
  • GrabHire: Grab provides the option of hiring a car with a driver on a duration basis. Again under this, you have a variety of car options to hire and you can pay per hour. This option is really money-savvy if you are traveling between different locations and want to make a stopover in between. To save money, use a Grab coupon and get a discount.
  • GrabCoach: Grab allows you to book multiple seated minivans or buses based on your necessity on a 3 hours package.
  • GrabShuttle: Just book your bus tickets that en-route to your destination with Grab transport.
  • GrabFamily: Grab cares not only about you but also about your family. It provides car-services equipped with 1 child restraint device.
  • GrabPet: These are pet-friendly car services where you can enjoy your ride with your pets.
  • Ride abroad: Book Grab transport services even not in your hometown but you can book it for other places as well if they are operating there. You can arrange for pick-ups and drops.

Why use Grab?

  • Availability of multiple taxis thus making waiting time shorter
  • All their rides are legal and insured
  • Multiple payment options for customers’ convenience
  • You can cancel your taxi ride even five minutes before for free
  • You will be provided with personal accident insurance in Grab Car service
  • Assured ride with quality drivers
  • Book instantly from the app
  • Save more money with GrabShare, GrabHitch, and Grab discount codes
  • Special Grab promo codes for new and existing users to help you money on your rides

Save more money with GrabShare promotion codes

GrabShare is an exclusive option by which you can save at least 10% of your money. In GrabShare you will share your ride with a co-passenger or co-passengers thus dividing the travel expense among you people.

This service is only available only between 4 pm to 12 am which is the ultimate peak hours. It’s always a hectic task to find rides during peak hours. But no worries with Grab, as they provide you the option of GrabShare.

Starting from the ride charges, even the toll fee will be shared among all. Even though you are sharing the ride, still you can pay with GrabRewards and use a Grab discount code to make it cheaper.

Set fare alert to save money on top of Grab coupon codes

Wanna book a Grab car but the fare seems too high? Here there is an exclusive option called ‘fare alert’. By activating the ‘fare alert’ you will get a notification once there is a drop in fare within 15 minutes of activation.

With a fare alert, you need not check manually if there is any fare drop for the next 15 minutes. But if you don’t get any fare drop notification within 15 minutes then you have to again activate ‘fare alert’ for the next 15 minutes.
Once you get a fare drop notification, you will have only 5 minutes to book the ride. On the booking screen, the ‘fare alert’ option appears if the fare is high. Tap on the ‘fare alert’ icon and click ‘fare alert’. A green active icon will appear. Currently, this option is available only for JustGrab and Grab car services. You can also use a Grab promo code to make the rides cheaper further.

How to book a Grab ride?

  • Open the Grab app and choose the transport service
  • Enter your pickup point and destination
  • Use a Grab discount code to get a rebate
  • Get the estimated fare and confirm the booking
  • Track the driver and board the cab
  • You can also share your ride details to your loved ones if you wish to notify them about your arrival time

Save time and money with GrabBike and Grab discount codes

What if you get a car ride during the peak hours but get stuck in traffic? Is it necessary to book a car for just one person? If you have these questions in mind, then the answer is Grab Bike.

Grab Bike is a much more demanding transport service offered by Grab which is similar to Grab cars. But instead of cars here it is a motorbike. This service is applicable only for one passenger and is available only from 6 AM to 2 PM daily.

If you are a female passenger and want a female rider then you can avail this service too. The service is available only for people above 18 according to the Ministry of Transport. So, why wait in traffic? Book a Grab Bike and use a Grab coupon to save money on your bike ride too.

Use Grab coupons for Business bookings

Grab Transport for business helps you manage your company’s travel budget and have an idea about your employee’s arrival by tracking them. With Grab business, you design your company’s ride routine and allow your employees to provide them an opportunity to enjoy expenseless rides.

Benefits of Grab transport for business

  • You can provide your employees with a tension-free ride
  • You can have control over the travel expenditure of the company and set limits on how your employees choose to travel like day or night, economy or premium
  • You can also avail of this facility for your guests and clients thus impressing them
  • With Grab business, you will be on time for business meetings
  • You can also arrange for daily commutation hassle-free
  • Use Grab codes to the discount on the ride bookings

Here are the steps to create your Grab Business profile

  • Open the Grab app and open your profile page
  • Select ‘Add a business profile’ option under your profile
  • Input the required details to set up your business profile

After this switch between personal and business profiles whenever you want and book your rides accordingly.

To book a business ride:

  • Open and the Grab app and choose the transport category
  • Click your personal tag and choose your given corporate tag
  • Confirm the details and make your payment
  • You can also use a Grab discount code to get a rebate

Benefits of using GrabPay

Handling cash is always a tension. Taking cash wherever you go is not safe. On the other hand, finding a cash vending machine wherever you go is also challenging.

What if there is a solution to these problems? Yes, the solution is a Cashless transaction. Grab pay is a cashless payment option provided by Grab for its users. Wanna pay for your Grab rides? Then pay with GrabPay and earn GrabReward points and redeem it later as discounts on your future ride bookings.

It is always troublesome to search for change when you purchase in stores. Keeping this in mind, Grab has included a range of merchant stores where you can purchase and pay with GrabPay. You will also earn reward points when you pay which can later be redeemed as promotion codes on your future payments and ride bookings.

Besides this, you can also transfer credits to your loved ones and can pay for food on GrabFood and pay it with GrabPay credits. Also, if your mobile credit is low, then top-up with GrabPay and earn points.

Why should you use GrabPay?

  • Use GrabPay and earn GrabReward points for every transaction and redeem to later use as Grab codes
  • Pay the entire bill or payment with GrabReward points if you purchase for RM4 or above at any of the Grab merchants
  • From riding to dining, pay for everything with GrabPay
  • All your transaction information and personal details are highly secured
  • Keep a track of every transaction you make with GrabPay

GrabGifts and vouchers to surprise your loved ones

It’s always a pleasure in making others happy. Isn’t it? The most pleasing way to make someone happy would be gifts. Grab provides you with the option of gifting your loved ones with gift cards. Gift cards always serve as the best way to show you gratitude and love.

These gift cards include Grab Transport vouchers which can be customized by you according to your needs. Here is how you can buy gift cards:

  • Open the Grab app and choose the ‘grab gifts’ category
  • Fill the necessary details and place the order by making the payment
  • You’re done

Save with Grab promo codes, rewards, and membership

GrabRewards is a loyalty program offered by Grab for its customers. It provides its customers with an opportunity to be cost-efficient. With Grab Rewards you can earn points for every transaction that you make with GrabPay.

You can earn points by just being a member. There are different tiers under GrabRewards namely, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. You will automatically become a member of GrabRewards if you make a transaction with GrabPay.

To become a Silver member, you should have earned more than 200 GrabReward points. Becoming a Silver member will provide you benefits like, you can redeem rides with fewer GrabReward points. In addition to this, you will gain access to over 70 airport lounges at a walk-in rate of 20%.

To become a Gold member, you should have earned more than 900 Grab Reward points. Becoming a gold member will provide you benefits like you can earn 1.5 times faster reward points. In addition to this, you will gain access to over 70 airport lounges at a walk-in rate of 40%. You will get access to exclusive deals like a movie screening, flash sales, etc. Gold members can also avail a 10% discount on food and beverages at almost 80 merchants in the selected airports.

To become a Platinum member, you should have earned more than 3500 Grab Reward points. Being a platinum member, you can earn 2 times faster Reward points. You will have access to monthly Grab Reward deals. You can gain access to the genius program where you are provided with a flat 10% off and special perks at selected hotels. It also offers priority ride bookings and dedicated customer service for your platinum bookings. In addition to this, you will gain access to over 70 airport lounges at a walk-in rate of 55% and you will get a 20% discount on food and beverages at almost 80 merchants in the selected airports.

How to access Grab Rewards?

  • Open the Grab app and click on ‘Grab reward’ category
  • Select the category under which you want to redeem your Reward points
  • Choose the reward you want under the selected category
  • Purchase the reward instantly and pay with your Grab Reward points
  • Remember that your points will expire within 3 months from the day of earning

How to use Grab promo codes and rewards?

  • If you have a Grab promotion code, then you can apply it to redeem during the payment
  • Enter the pickup and drop location
  • Tap the ‘Promo’ button
  • If there appears any ride reward, then tap ‘Use now’ to apply the discount. If not, enter your Grab code and tap ‘Use now’

You can also add the Grab voucher during the trip by just swiping up the bottom banner and adding the promo code to get the rebate.

Become a partner of Grab and start earning money

You can also become a partner of Grab by becoming a driver, express delivery driver, or pay the merchant. The process is very simple. Just fill in the form with the required details on their website or app to become a partner.

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