BusOnlineTicket Promo Codes for Malaysia in 2024

BusOnlineTicket promo code

Get a RM35 discount on a bus ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru with BusOnlineTicket.

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  • Travel from the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur to the vibrant city of Johor Bahru with ease on the RM35 bus
  • Enjoy a comfortable and convenient journey with BusOnlineTicket, a leading online bus ticketing platform
  • Use a BusOnlineTicket promo code to avail a discount on your bus fare, making your travel more affordable
  • Experience the scenic views of the Malaysian countryside as you make your way to Johor Bahru
  • Book your tickets online and save time and hassle by avoiding long queues at the bus station

    Get discounted Kuantan-Kuala Lumpur bus tickets starting at RM19 with a BusOnlineTicket coupon.

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  • Travel from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur with ease using BusOnlineTicket
  • Secure your bus tickets starting from RM19
  • Enjoy additional savings with a BusOnlineTicket discount coupon
  • Experience a comfortable and convenient journey with various bus operators
  • Use a BusOnlineTicket promo code to unlock exclusive discounts on your next booking

    Travel to Cameron Highlands by bus for only RM38.

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  • Experience the lush greenery and cool climate of Cameron Highlands with a convenient bus ride using BusOnlineTicket.
  • Explore the scenic beauty of Cameron Highlands without the hassle of driving, allowing you to relax and enjoy the journey.
  • Book your bus tickets to Cameron Highlands with ease and convenience through BusOnlineTicket's user-friendly platform.
  • Discover the charm of Cameron Highlands with a comfortable and affordable bus journey, perfect for solo travelers or families.
  • Unlock additional savings on your bus ticket to Cameron Highlands by using a BusOnlineTicket discount code.
  • 50% OFF

    New BusOnlineTicket users receive a 25% discount on every booking along with a 25% cashback offer.

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    Discover exclusive savings with BusOnlineTicket for all new travelers!

  • Enjoy a special discount of 25% off on every booking made
  • Receive an additional 25% cashback on your total purchase
  • Make sure to use a BusOnlineTicket discount code during checkout to avail these amazing offers
  • 40% OFF

    Save 40% on the First World Hotel Standard Room PWP deal at Genting Highlands.

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  • Experience a luxurious stay at the First World Hotel Standard Room in Genting Highlands
  • Enjoy a 40% discount on your booking with the PWP offer
  • Indulge in world-class amenities and breathtaking views of the highlands
  • Make your reservation today and use a BusOnlineTicket discount code for additional savings
  • 5% OFF

    Get a 5% discount on one-day tickets to Skytropolis Genting Highlands.

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  • Experience the thrilling rides and attractions at Skytropolis Genting Highlands with discounted one-day tickets
  • Enjoy a 5% discount on your tickets when you purchase through BusOnlineTicket
  • Explore the various zones and entertainment options at Skytropolis, from gaming arcades to family-friendly activities
  • Use a BusOnlineTicket discount code to avail of this special offer and make the most of your visit to Skytropolis Genting Highlands
  • 2% OFF

    Get a 2% discount on Legoland Johor Bahru one-day tickets with the PWP Deal.

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  • Explore the magical world of Legoland Johor Bahru with discounted one-day tickets
  • Enjoy a 2% discount on Legoland Johor Bahru tickets with the PWP Deal
  • Experience thrilling rides, interactive exhibits, and captivating shows at Legoland Johor Bahru
  • Make your visit more affordable with the BusOnlineTicket promo code

    Explore Ipoh with affordable RM20 bus fares.

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  • Explore the charming streets of Old Town Ipoh, known for its colonial architecture and vibrant street art.
  • Indulge in a gastronomic adventure at the famous Ipoh food stalls, offering local delicacies like "Nasi Ganja" and "Sar Hor Fun".
  • Visit the iconic Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple, a hidden gem nestled amidst limestone caves and lush greenery.
  • Discover the rich history of Ipoh at the Perak Museum, showcasing artifacts and exhibits from the region's past.
  • Immerse yourself in nature at the picturesque Gunung Lang Recreational Park, featuring a tranquil lake and lush gardens.
  • Use a BusOnlineTicket promo code to book your RM20 bus tickets and embark on a memorable journey to Ipoh!


    BusOnlineTicket voucher for RM10+ bus fares to Malacca

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    Reserve a bus ticket from Malacca to Johor Bahru starting at RM20.

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  • Travel conveniently from the historical city of Malacca to the vibrant city of Johor Bahru with bus tickets starting at an affordable price of RM20.
  • Explore the diverse landscapes of Malaysia while enjoying a comfortable and hassle-free journey with BusOnlineTicket.
  • Use a BusOnlineTicket promo code to avail special discounts and offers on your booking for a budget-friendly travel experience.
  • Book your bus ticket now to experience a seamless and enjoyable trip from Malacca to Johor Bahru with BusOnlineTicket.
  • 40% OFF

    Purchase Deals save up to 40%.

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    Limited-time KL-Singapore travel from RM45.

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    Return to relatives and friends via rail from RM25.

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    RM50 ONLY

    The KLIA Ekspress from KL Sentral to KLIA/KLIA2 costs RM50 with this BusOnlineTicket coupon.

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    RM5 OFF

    Mersing 2-way Ferry to Tioman Island RM5 discount with BusOnlineTicket coupon

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    40% OFF

    This BusOnlineTicket coupon saves 40% on PWP Deals.

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    Get an RM30 one-way Neoliner Express Bus ticket from Larkin to TBS using BusOnlineTicket coupon.

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    Kuala Lumpur-Singapore bus tickets start at RM45.

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    Tickets to Penang Sentral are available from RM28 onwards.

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  • Travel from Kuala Lumpur to Penang Sentral with TBS to Penang Sentral tickets starting at RM28
  • Enjoy a comfortable and convenient bus journey with BusOnlineTicket
  • Explore the beautiful city of Penang and its famous attractions
  • Use a BusOnlineTicket promo code to get discounts on your ticket purchase

    For RM10, you can travel by bus from Kuala Lumpur to Malacca.

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  • Travel from Kuala Lumpur to Malacca with ease using a BusOnlineTicket promo code
  • Enjoy a comfortable and convenient bus ride with RM10 off your ticket
  • Explore the historic city of Malacca, known for its rich cultural heritage and delicious food
  • Discover popular attractions such as Jonker Street, A Famosa, and the Stadthuys
  • Experience the charm of Malacca's UNESCO World Heritage Site and immerse yourself in its unique blend of cultures
  • RM38 ONLY

    Travel to Cameron Highlands for RM38 by bus instead of driving.

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  • Experience the lush greenery of Cameron Highlands with a hassle-free bus ride
  • Enjoy a comfortable journey for only RM38 when you book your bus ticket
  • Explore the scenic beauty of Cameron Highlands without the stress of driving
  • Make your travel more affordable with a BusOnlineTicket promo code
  • 10% OFF

    Use the BusOnlineTicket discount code to save 10% on Sungei Merah Bus fares.

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  • Enjoy a 10% discount on your next booking with BusOnlineTicket when you use a promo code
  • Save on your Sungei Merah Bus tickets with this exclusive offer
  • Travel hassle-free and save money with BusOnlineTicket's discount code
  • Experience a smooth and convenient journey with Sungei Merah Bus at a discounted price

    Secure a bus ticket to Genting Highland from Kuala Lumpur starting at RM10.

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  • Explore the cool highlands of Genting with a budget-friendly bus trip from the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur.
  • Enjoy a scenic journey to Genting Highland for as low as RM10 with BusOnlineTicket's exclusive promo code.
  • Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and entertainment options that Genting Highland has to offer.
  • Book your bus ticket conveniently online and embark on a memorable adventure to Genting Highland.
  • Try these BusOnlineTicket discount codes

    RM3 OFF

    JB-KL Neoliner Express Bus seats are RM3 off.

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    20% OFF

    BusOnlineTicket coupon code: 20% off Pancaran Matahari from Kedah & Penang.

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    15% OFF

    This BusOnlineTicket coupon saves 15% on JB, Melaka, and Seremban buses.

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    How to redeem BOT miles to get a BusOnlineTicket discount code?

    You can earn points when book bus tickets and these points can be redeemed later to get a discount on your next bookings. To get the BOT Miles discount, activate your membership account. Login to your account and start earning points every time you book bus tickets within Malaysia and Singapore. You will earn 1 point for every RM1 spent on your ticket purchase.
    Once you have collected enough points in your BOT miles account, redeem them to use as a BusOnlineTicket promo code worth up to RM50.

    How does BOT Miles work?

    • Book an RM50 bus ticket and receive 50 BOT Miles
    • You can check the Miles balance on the BOT Miles page
    • To redeem the Miles to a coupon code, enter your email address
    • Every 300 Miles are equal to RM6

    Sign up as a BOT member and start collecting miles and convert them to a BusOnlineTicket voucher to get the discount!

    Travel on budget with BusOnlineTicket coupons

    Avail the cheapest deals while traveling from Malaysia to Singapore or within Malaysia when you book your bus tickets. BusOnlineTicket offers hassle-free and fast ticket bookings and the process is also very simple. You can also book via the BusOnlineTicket mobile app if you are travelling and need to book the tickets urgently. Always check for exclusive app discounts while booking the tickets to get an extra discount.

    BusOnlineTicket promo codes for Package Deals

    If you are planning a vacation, then book the package deals and claim the irresistible discounts. It helps you to plan a perfect trip including your hotel and tour. You can choose from any of the options mentioned below:

    • Bus + Hotel accommodation
    • Bus + Hotel accommodation + Tours
    • Ferry + Tours

    Plan your vacation and explore things to do and enjoy a flat 10% discount when you book your tickets through BusOnlineTicket. Don’t forget to use BusOnlineTicket codes on package booking to save up to 50%.

    How to book a bus on BusOnlineTicket?

    1. Fill in the ‘Depart From’, ‘Arrive To’, ‘Pax’ and travel dates information
    2. Click on the ‘Search Now’ button
    3. Choose your preferred bus service and select your seats
    4. Enter the passenger details
    5. Copy a BusOnlineTicket coupon from this page and enter it on the checkout page to get the discount
    6. Proceed with the payment and you will receive your ticket on your email

    Book your ticket on call

    If you are travelling or do not have access to the internet, you can still book a ticket on BusOnlineTicket. Call the Customer hotline number and they help you book your tickets via phone. You still need to pay for the ticket via online transfer, bank transfer or cash transfer to the BusOnlineTicket bank account.