Boost App codes for Malaysia in November 2021

Boost App codes
Boost App code
23% OFF

Make your purchases from Zalora by using the Boost app promotion code and enjoy up to 23% off + 2% cashback.

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All you have to do is spend a minimum amount of RM150 to enjoy up to 23% off along with 2% cashback by using the Boost App promotion code. Valid for all new users. Enjoy!

10% OFF

Shop from Zalora with the Boost App code and enjoy up to 10% off along with 5% cashback.

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Use the Boost App code and enjoy a discount of up to 10% + 5% cashback on a minimum spending amount of RM130 sitewide. Valid for all users. Shop from Zalora today!

10% Cashback

Steal massive bonuses when you pay your petrol at Petronas with Boost App.

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Download the Boost App today and enjoy a cashback of 10%, Boost Coins & Mesra Points when you pay with the App. What are you waiting for? Download the app today!

RM320 Cashback

Enjoy a cashback of RM320 when you Sign-up for RinggitPlus credit card.

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Apply for RinggitPlus credit card using your Boost App registered phone number and enjoy a cashback of RM320 to your Boost account. Apply today and enjoy the deal!

5% Cashback

Grab away Razer Gold vouchers today and get up to 5% cashback.

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Get the Razer Gold vouchers today from the Boost App and enjoy a cashback of up to 5%. Use Boost while paying to enjoy a cashback. Hurry up. Don't miss out.

Try these Boost App promo codes

80% Cashback

Grab away amazing rewards from Shop Malaysia Online 2021 along with 80% cashback, discounts!

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Choose Boost as your payment method and enjoy up to 80% cashback, discounts and rewards in the Shop Malaysia Online 2021 by using the Boost App code. Enjoy the deal now!


Add more money into your Lazada Wallet and get a chance to win RM100 Lazada voucher.

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Simply add a minimum amount of RM200 into your Boost Wallet by using Online Banking and stand a chance to win RM100 Lazada voucher.

28% Cashback

Shop away items from the Boost App promo code and enjoy up to 28% cashback.

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Get up to 28% cashback on your purchases made from top brands like Zalora, Lazada, Shopee, MR.DIY and more by using the Boost App promo code. Happy Shopping!

10% Cashback

Use the Boost App promotion code and get a 10% cashback on Setel.

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Make payment with Setal and Boost Wallet and get your fuel for at least RM30 any Petronas station to enjoy up to 10% cashback. Do note that the maximum cashback is capped at RM5.

RM320 Cashback

Score RM320 cashback when you sign up to a credit card with RinggitPlus.

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Sign up to a suitable credit card via Ringgit now and enjoy up to RM320 cash back into your Boost Bill Payment and Telco wallet. Also, don't forget to use the same mobile number that is registered to Boost.

RM250 Cashback

Get up to RM250 cashback when you apply and activate the Ambank credit card.

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Enjoy boost amazing rewards such as RM250 cashback in your Boost eWallet when you sign up for AmBank Credit Card/Credit Card with the Boost App promo code.

RM80 Cashback

Pay your bills today by using the Boost App promo code and get up to RM80 cashback

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Add money to your e-wallet and get rewards when you top-up your e-wallet. Top-up a minimum amount of RM100 per month with Citi Credit Card and enjoy up to RM80 cashback.

RM20 Cashback

Get a bill relief of up to RM20 cashback

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Use this Boost App to make your 1st bill payment using Boost App Coupon codes and get up to RM20 as cashback. Pay a minimum bill of RM30 and get up to RM20 off.

RM80 Cashback

Top up your e-wallet by using the Citi Credit Card and enjoy up to RM80 Cashback

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Do note that this offer is strictly valid for all Citi Bank users only so hurry and add a minimum of RM100 every month to your e-wallet and stand a chance to win up to RM80 cashback!

5% Cashback

Get up to 5% cashback on paying your utility bills by using the Boost App

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Use the app and manage all utilities at once and enjoy cashback on every transaction! Don't worry about paying bills such as water, telecommunication, insurance and even loan payments!

RM5 Cashback

Register with Boost App promo code and get RM5 cashback

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Spend a minimum of RM10 on Celcom bills or Xpax top-ups and make the best of this deal. Download, register yourself and get a discount when you use this Boost App voucher code.

How to save with Boost App promo codes?

Cash plays a major role in everyone’s day to day life. But carrying cash in hands is always worrisome. Carrying cash with us will always create a tension of losing it. But at the same time, without money, we can’t overcome certain situations. Payments made with cash are mostly time-consuming. Cash payments make us wait for a long time in the queues. to solve all these issues, here comes the Boost App with a lot of features to handle these problems.

Boost App is a Malaysian based e-wallet designed exclusively for its users in handling cash transactions without trouble. The Boost App helps its users to pay for their different needs within a few clicks and provides its users the comfort in cash handling and ensures a tension-free cashless transaction experience for its users.

Why use Boost App?

Doubting whether the bank cooperates with Boost? No worries! Boost has wide bank options to add money to your Boost wallet. It is loaded with facilities to aid the users in need.

  • Are you in a hurry to pay but couldn’t find any ATM nearby, then you can pay with the Boost App. You can make a hassle-free payment just scanning the QR code and enter your 6-digit pin and make the payments.
  • Wanna send money to family or friends. You don’t need to spend hours in the bank instead send through the Boost App.
  • Mobile credit is  low and wanna recharge? Don’t run to stores. Just recharge with the app and save money with Boost App promo codes. Besides, also earn cashback every time you recharge by just shaking your phone.
  • Get digital Boost App vouchers at up to 50% off on your favorite top brands
  • Wanna surprise someone with gifts? Then purchase Boost App gift vouchers and send it as a gift to your loved ones

At last the most important that Boost App succeeds in providing is trust. With the Boost App, all your details and transaction details are safe and secure.

Boost App Rewards

  • Boost App ensures customers safety: Boost App cares for you. You can get free life insurance with special COVID-19 coverage. Your family will be provided with RM1000 on your death and special RM5000 coverage upon diagnosis of COVID-19.
  • Subscribe to E-Tunai Rakyat: E-Tunai Rakyat is an initiative by the Ministry of Finance Malaysia. It includes certain criteria and Malaysians who fulfill those criteria can claim an incentive of RM30.
  • In addition to this incentive, you can enjoy various exclusive Boost App promo codes and offers like:
    • Shake reward up to RM 8,888
    • Win RM100 worth Shell vouchers
    • Take Ang Pow challenge and win 2 Ang Pows daily
    • Get combo RM1 delicious meal worth RM30 for justRM 8
    • Grab a bundle of Boost App vouchers worth RM170 for just RM18
    • Earn cashback and win huge rewards for movie tickets, bill payments, and top-ups
    • Invite friends and earn RM3 for every friend who claims RM30 E-Tunai Rakyat
    • Get RM5 cashback when you register with Boost App
    • Add money with CIMB credit cards and get a chance to spin, win and travel. Spend a minimum of RM 50 using Boost. SMS with a unique link will be sent to the users to spin the wheel. Spin the “Spend & Travel” wheel to enjoy cashback or gain entries.

Benefits of using the Boost App

People always search for ways to save time and money. Spending more time for just a small task is unnecessary. You can pay bills, pay for the purchase, everything with the Boost App. Thus, the ultimate benefit of using the Boost App is time-efficiency.

Also, the Boost App reduces physical effort. How? You can make payments from wherever you are. Isn’t this beneficial?

Who says no when someone gives money? At the same time, who will give you money simply?

The Boost App offers you cashback for every transaction. On the other hand, you will earn coins for every transaction which later can be exchanged for premium gadgets, entertainment, gaming contents, and vouchers. Isn’t this exciting?

Boost App gives cashback of up to 13.5% for purchase from its participating retailers like Shopee, Lazada, Zalora, etc. on top of Boost App codes that can help you get extra discounts on these retailers.

Boost Wallet and its benefits

Boost wallet holds the amount you add up to your Boost App. Your payments will be made only from your Boost wallet. There are two different Boost wallets namely basic wallet and premium wallet:

  • Basic wallet: A basic wallet is a Boost wallet with a limit of RM200. The benefits include adding money up to RM200 at one time, spending RM1000 monthly and access to send RM100 monthly to friends and family. The limit will be reset by the 1st of every month.
  • Premium wallet: The premium wallet is a Boost wallet with a limit of RM1500. The benefits include adding money up to RM 1500 at one time, spending RM 4500 monthly, access to send RM500 monthly to friends and family and cashing out money from boost wallet to bank account. The limit will be reset by the 1st of every month.

Are you a basic wallet user and want to become a premium wallet user? Just go to your profile and choose to upgrade to a premium wallet for free.

Payments options in the Boost App

To make payment to the Boost App, just click on the Boost wallet icon on the Boost home page. This will direct you to the ‘Add Money’ page where you can choose from the existing payment option or add a new one. You can add  money via:

  • Online banking
  • Credit cards(Visa and Master card)
  • Debit cards(Visa and Master card)

Save on your bill payments with Boost App promotion codes

Remembering to pay bills is always a challenging task. If you forget to pay the bills, then pay for forgetting too? Do you wanna save yourself from wasting money by paying for the delay and penalty? Do you wanna be a perfectionist in paying the bills on time? Then choose the Boost App. For every transaction you do with the Boost App, you will also get cashback. Wanna save money on bills, then pay through the Boost App and use a Boost App promotion code on each transaction.

By installing the Boost App, you can pay your bills by a single tap from wherever you are. Don’t pay your bills separately; instead, pay all your bills with the Boost App. Using Boost App you can pay the following bills:

  • Local council
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Loans
  • TV & Radio
  • Phone & Mobile

Always use a Boost App promotion code to get a discount on your bill payments.

Save money on bill payments with Boost App promo codes

The interface is quite simple and easy to use. Follow these steps to pay the bills:

  1. Install the Boost App and select ‘Bills’ in Do More Tab
  2. Select the biller you want to pay bill for
  3. Enter the amount and confirm
  4. Use a Boost App code to get the discount on your total amount

You’re done.

Split bills with the Boost App

Have you gone for lunch together with friends where you people wanted to share the bill but didn’t know how? Boost App provides a smart option to split bills wherever you go. You can split the bill among how many ever people you want. Isn’t this quite convenient and interesting?

Now you need not to wreck your brain to collect the other people share after paying the entire bill yourself. You can split the bill evenly or split the bill with different amounts among the people.

  1. On the home page, click the ‘Request Money’ button in the bottom right
  2. Enter the ‘Request money’ page to add the phone number under the ‘mobile number’ section or select from your contacts
  3. Choose how you would like to split evenly or differently
  4. Enter the amount you want to request and click next
  5. Your bill will be split among your friends
  6. Add a note or receipt if you wish and confirm the request
  7. ‘Success’ screen will appear once the request is sent

You can remind your friends simply by going to the ‘transaction’ page and click on the request made. Enter the ‘request’ page that has the list of all requests made. Swipe the request which you want to remind to the left. Your friend will receive a reminder to pay the money.

Boost Tap and Pay

Tap and pay is an exclusive option for the Boost App users. Whenever you purchase something on Boost aided partners, you can pay just by choosing the ‘Tap and Pay’ option instead of signing in to pay. This option is only available for app users and not for desktop users.

Just choose your desired product and purchase. Confirm your purchase and select the ‘tap and pay’ option at the Merchant Checkout Page. Once selected, you will be asked to verify your payment with biometrics or a 6-digit pin. You’re done.

How to save with Boost Coins?

Boost coins are one of the exciting options that the Boost App provides its users for saving money. Instead of paying with cash, you can pay with boost coins which will save you money. You can even add cash to the Boost wallet with boost coins.

But how will you earn the boost coins?

Here is the answer; you need not put any effort into earning the Boost coins. Just make transactions; automatically you will earn boost coins. But the number of coins earned for each transaction will differ depending upon the value of the transaction and the mode of transaction like scanning to pay or topping up prepaid, etc.

Wanna earn more boost coins? Then just complete boost missions or earn shake rewards. With shake rewards, you will be earning a random number of Boost coins but you can choose a Boost mission based on the number of Boost coins you want to earn.

You can find the number of boost coins you have earned so far on the top right corner of the home page.

Boost App offers you Boost Up Rewards

BoostUp is a loyalty program offered by the Boost App to its users.  In general Boost coins will be used to activate missions. But with BoostUp you can now save coins to claim rewards from Boost Rewards Catalogue. You can not only earn coins but also you can get Shake Rewards when you make transactions. Shake rewards include incentives like cashback, extra boost coins, random prizes, and a golden ticket.

BoostUp has four tiers namely levels 1, 2, 3, and 4. Based on the level, the number of boost coins you earn for every transaction varies. Higher the level, the higher the number of boost coins earned for each transaction.

Benefits of BoostUp

Here are BoostUp benefits that can help you save money on each level with Boost App promotion codes

  • In level 1, you can earn 1 Boost coin for every RM 3 spent and can win up to 3% cashback or extra boost coins as shaker rewards.
  • In level 2, you can earn 1 Boost coin for every RM 2 spent and can win up to 4% cashback or extra boost coins as shaker rewards.
  • In level 3, you can earn 1 Boost coin for every RM 1 spent and can win up to 9% cashback or extra boost coins as shaker rewards.
  • In level 4, you can earn 2 Boost coins for every RM 1 spent and can win up to 17% cashback or extra boost coins as shaker rewards.

You can level up achieving the set number of transactions and also a set transaction value within 30 days.

Boost App for Business

It’s not necessary that you just pay with the Boost App. You can also become a Boost merchant using Boost business. By using the Boost business, you can receive the payments through the Boost App. Whatever maybe your business, just become a boost merchant and receive payments easier, faster and safer. There are a lot of reasons for you to become a Boost merchant.

The first and foremost reason is that you can increase the outreach of your business as you provide an easy, quick and safe payment option for your customer.

The second reason is that it is always safe to go cashless.

Thirdly, paying with Boost will provide your customers with promotions, cashback, etc. which will add a positive mark for your business.

The prime reason to choose the Boost App is simplicity. No complicated procedure for transactions. Transfer simply with ease.

Finally, the Boost App will be a secure option for your cashless transactions.

There are five categories under which you can register yourself as a Boost merchant, namely

  • Individual
  • Company
  • Online
  • POS
  • Terminal

For each category, there are certain documents required to become a Boost merchant. For an individual merchant, a copy of the person-in-charge identity card along with the latest copy of 3 months of individual bank statements are the documents required. For company and enterprises, the latest copy of the SSM document consisting of a company profile, business profile, corporate information, form D/E along with the latest copy of 3 months of company bank statement is required.

Boost App Customer Support

You contact Boost through following ways:

  • Request can be done with an app or on their website
  • Mail can be sent to
  • Message can be sent to the Facebook page @myboostapp
  • Requests can be sent in the help section in the Boost App